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In Cats on Dragons you joust your way to victory by being a cat armed with both a hungry dragon and a lance. Don’t forget, your dragon is hungry so knock your opponents off of their dragons and either eat them or be eaten. Don’t worry guys, we believe in resurrection - you will be penalized for being eaten diminishing your chance of glory -  but the game is not over yet until the fat cat sings “Times Up”.  

Dash, attack and eat!

In this battle for victory, Cats on Dragons is action packed for the entire duration of the game. Play over and over again  and get the highest score to see who has the mightiest dragon of all.

Install instructions

Download the .rar file and unzip it - execute the .exe file in the folder and you are ready to engage in the epic battle!

Note that the game needs to be played with Controllers to get the best possible experience!


Cats on Dragons 208 MB

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