Fourth week of Development!

Just trotting along:

Moving on into another week of development, here is a list of things we've been up to
  • We have a HUD! Yay for feedback to the player (such as: fireball recharge, charge recharge and dragon hunger {more on that later})
  • We've been moving everything in the prototype build into the dev build - this means going over our code and making it better/ more readable in the dev build
  • A hungry dragon has been added
  • We now have three different types of lances
  • And a fully modeled dragon!
  • Our main cat character has been textured too
  • And amazing particle effects have been added now!
  • (We also fixed our folder structure on P4 because we've been told off at the last two feedback sessions)

The hungry dragon:

Your dragon now has a hunger bar that depletes as time goes on! Either satiate your dragons thirst for blood by knocking your enemies off of their dragons and eat them! If you don't, then your dragon will throw you off and you will risk being eaten


This was a pretty important feature to get into the game, before re-spawning a player was eaten then destroyed. Now when you get eaten you are teleported to the spot where you started in the game and you have a brief timeout period before you can start playing again. Now the fun is endless! We had some issues with saving files though so we lost our work on the re-spawning - but because we knew how to do it we quickly implemented it.


Our talented VFX artist has been working hard and has been hard at work with these cartoon style effects - the end results add a lot of impact to the game and we are all very pleased with the result!

everyone loves some bloody effects

I would go as far as to say that this effect is: explosive

I'm done with the puns I swear, but this guy is pure fire

The Main Character Cat basemesh is as good as finished!

also the first Dragon model is finished with unwrap and is waiting for its texture

The textures as well as the rig are currently in progress

The handles of the lances got their final style touches (stick and handle got deformed and stylized) and a third one is currently in progress 

Plans for the coming weeks:

  • Assign players different colours
  • Item spawning on the map to give the player certain abilities
  • Some kind of post game start event where the players can choose their dragons
  • A game timer and player scores will be added soon for that extra layer of competition
  • finsish Dragon1 Texture as well as Rigging and skinning
  • starting on Cat Character Rig and Skin

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