Third week of Development!

This past week we have moved on from the prototype phase to the production phase!

This means that we don't have much in terms of new features - but we have been moving all of our blueprint code into the new Unreal project. This time around we are being more careful with naming conventions, folder structure and our code in general.

In the past few weeks of prototyping we have realized that our core game mechanic is fun to play! We still have a few things to play test and we will be doing that in the prototype build then after play testing it we will move it to the production build.

Things that need to be play tested:

  • Hunger bar dragon
  • Pickups for you and your dragon
  • Fireball mechanic


We now have a working fireball mechanic in our game, it is now possible to shoot it at other players and stun them for a second 


The artists and programmers had a big task this week, figure out all the work we need to do for the rest of development. Putting it all down and getting your thoughts out is the best thing we could've done for development of the game -  since now we have a good idea of what we need to do and when we have to do it by. Now all we have to do is finish everything in the backlog! 

The art side:

We finalized the Artstyle and showcased it on two finished lances for the game! The main character as well as the dragon are being modelled at the moment and concepts have been made and finalized. See in Screenshots below

Character Concepts:

Character Base Model :


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Mar 06, 2018

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