Fifth week of Development!

Another week, another deadline:

As the 2nd sprint draws to a close we had to finish up all the tasks on our to do list.

In our planning we mentioned that we would give the players different colours, we implemented that, but we decided that we would assign the players different lances instead since they were all modeled and textured! So now you can tell the difference between the players easily! Before you would loose yourself amongst the grayness of the background - so this is a nice change. 

not the best screenshot but you can see the new cat mesh and dragon in the game along with the new lance!

We now have a piece of meat that the player can pick up and feed to their hungry dragon, we are still not sure if this is a good gameplay mechanic to have in the game. More testing will be done!

Game timers and player scored have been added

As you can see in the screenshot above our HUD has been fleshed out (programming wise) now we just need some assets to spice it up!

We encountered a few issues:

We changed the cat mesh and we had this strange issue, it was as if the cats gravity had been switched off and they were bouncing around all over the place - the fix was simple - change back to the old mesh and don't worry about it. 

Then we encountered another issue when giving each player their own lance, the movement was completely messed up and it was deceiving as it looked like the pivot point was at the wrong spot! But it was the lances mesh physics collision -  it was colliding with the players capsule component and it was pushing the player around. So after a while of playing around with different settings we changed this one: 

Also we set the mesh to have no collision. This will probably change later


Both Main Characters are Rigged and Skinned

Rigging was more or less easy to get right but the first time of trying to get  organic skinning right posed a more difficult and time eating task than expected. This will need to be considered for the planning of the next sprint.

Cat :

 The ears, fingers, toes as well as the whiskers are rigged to give the animation that extra stylized push!

Lets see it in action!!


The Mouth is opening and also the holders of the sattle are moveable to let those cat feet jiggle in the air during their  fight for victory  As extra surprise a long tongue hides beneath the sharp teeth!

Let's see more action!!

All the lances are modeled and textured ! 

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