First week of development!

In the first week of development we as a team had a few tasks:

  • Create an art bible
  • Create a tech document
  • Create a somewhat playable prototype

The prototype:

Working in Unreal's Blueprints for the first time can be daunting.  A few tutorials later we have a prototype that includes rag-doll physics,  a lance, mounting a dragon and a camera that follows each player and that zooms in and out accordingly.

Answering some questions:

  1. Is our core game mechanic fun? Our core game mechanic would be flying around on dragons and knocking each other off of the dragons - we have implemented being able to run into each other with our lances and so far that is really fun. We still need to playtest in order to finally decide if it is fun.
  2. Why do we use this specific camera view? We use the specific camera view in order to see the level really well, and to have a good idea of where the players are in world space.

Questions yet to be answered:

  1. Is mounting and dismounting a dragon in order to collect special items fun?
  2. Can we balance eating other players?
  3. Is having a hunger bar fun or does it take away from the main focus of jousting?
  4. How can we make the characters readable in the camera view?

What have we learnt:

  • We have learn a lot more about using blueprints and node based programming
  • Learnt how to use sockets and the Posses node in blueprints
  • How to create functions in blueprints
  • Building a project is difficult

Problems, problems:

Prototype Problems

Snapping the player to the socket of the dragon, with scale and world transform snapped

Tutorials can be out of date at times - and following them when a certain node doesn't exist/ has a different name you could spend up to half an hour figuring out how to fix a somewhat simple issue.

Some things are absolutely amazing and convenient to program in blueprints while other things could be done in a few lines in c++.  

Code can get messy and unreadable in blueprints

Our biggest issue currently is figuring out how everything works, and the steep learning curve when it comes to programming with blueprints

Plans for the following week:

On the tech side:

  • Spawn pickups
  • Have players seamlessly mount and dismount dragons
  • Knock other players off of their dragons
  • Have dragons eat other players
  • Have the players respawn

On the art side:

  • Blockout dragons
  • Blockout cat characters
  • Level blockout
  • Create an asset list
  • Create extensive list of tasks (Backlog on hack n plan)

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